Human resources have got importance during late 80's in India. Earlier it was mainly known as a part of administration work and related to industrial relations. But with globalization, HR has also grown from personnel administration to strategic HR. However, strategic role of HR is not very wide spread in all the sectors/organization. Large scale industries or MNCs have started realizing the importance of managing HR strategically and have started taking initiatives accordingly

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Industrial Visit to Bannari Amman Apparel ( BAA)

Date: November 10, 2011

Time : 10 am - 3 pm

Bannari Amman Apparel ( BAA) is a professionally managed joint venture company of Bannari Amman Group in India and Brandot International of USA . Bannari Amman group manufactures and trades in diverse Portfolio of products including sugar,granite,cotton yarn and woven fabric.

Brandot International Limited is an investment company, specializing in the establishment of joint venture partnership in the apparel and texile industry. Bannari Amman Apparel provides designs to delivery solutions for women’s intimates and mens underwear for specialty brands and retailers.

The BAA’s plant with a 1.72-lakh sq ft, fully air-conditioned state of art manufacturing facility on a 30 acre site located at Ozhaiyur village, at the outskirts of Chennai.

Toyota system

It is also the first apparel unit in the country to have a Toyota production system for lean manufacturing that would provide flexibility, consistency in quality and delivery and competitive pricing to customers. The plant with stand-up modular production system with a single piece flow has double shift operation.

Jobs for rural women

BAA, by locating the unit in a rural area, is it committed to the development of the region .Most of the women workers recruited for the unit hail from nearby rural communities. Creating job opportunities to socially disadvantaged women.

HR functions at BAA

The various HR functions include recruitment, administration, Training and Development,payroll, Compensation and Benefits, Grievance Handling /Counseling.

As a Student of HR we could have real insights to HR process and work flows .Industrial Visit gave us the real time exposure to HR roles and requirements needed for the Job.